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From Port to Port: Vancouver

Port of Vancouver. Source: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

With a cargo volume of 142.1 million tonnes per year, Canada's largest port, Vancouver, aims to become the world's most sustainable port. They have a clear statement about Corporate Social Responsibility: A sustainable port delivers economic prosperity through trade, maintains a healthy environment, and enables thriving communities, through meaningful dialogue, shared aspirations and collective accountability.

In 2017, the port authority received the North American Environment Protection Association Award, recognizing its marine environment protection initiatives.

Let's take a look at Port 2050, a long-range scenario planning process, that presents plausible scenarios of what the port and the region could look like in the future, including different perspectives and strategies that enable them to fulfill their main objective: to be the world's most sustainable port.

Source: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority


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Oct 24, 2018

Great initiative! all those topics have a big impact not only in our planet, but also in our day to day. Thanks for keeping us informed and bringing this to our attention.

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